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If you are faced with broken or cracked glass within your home, you will undoubtedly need a personalised and highly skilled service. When dealing with broken glass, replacement and repair is essential to prevent further damage or injury. Whether your residence is fitted with wood or aluminium framed windows, the Magic Glass expert technicians are ready to do the job. ⁣⁣
Magic Glass provides glazing & emergency glass services including installation, replacement and maintenance of all kinds of glass across Sydney. Our team of expert technicians offer quick and efficient solutions in the selected Eastern Suburbs.
Magic Glass provides glazing & emergency glass services including installation, replacement and maintenance of all kinds of glass across Sydney. Our team of expert technicians offer quick and efficient solutions in the selected Inner West areas.⁣
Bus shelters at bus stops form a very important part of the public transport systems. They offer comfortable waiting points for travellers as they wait for their transportation and offer protection against weather conditions such as the hot sun or rain. Glass bus shelters have become a common choice for a number of bus stop designs because of their aesthetic appeal and capability to offer excellent protections to the passengers. Magic Glass is specialized in the provision of glass replacement and installation services in bus stops.⁣
When it comes to offering efficiency and convenience to our customers, we operate day or night to suit your needs, therefore we offer glass installation services during the night time in and around the Sydney metropolitan area.⁣
If you own or manage an industrial manufacturing site, chances are that you operate heavy machinery causing lots of noise. It is important that you are able to contain or control the amount of noise going into the environment without using solid walls. Installing specialized industrial glass is the perfect solution. If you are building a factory or warehouse you may want to consider the use of industrial glass for your project in the early stages.⁣⁣
It is worth considering new window installations whether you’re building a new home or glazing a large commercial building. Magic Glass' window installation team are experts in both domestic as well as commercial buildings. ⁣
Bus shelters are generally made of toughened glass, used for its strength and safety. When hit, toughened glass doesn’t break; instead it shatters creating a web of small pieces that would then crumble on further impact. ⁣
If yours is an industrial business you will likely be working at a factory or a warehouse. In a facility like this one, it is essential that you have the right kind of windows installed. They need to be made of toughened glass that will not break on impact. In addition, it needs to be glazed to ensure that noise pollution is limited. The machines in the factory will likely be making plenty of noise and that noise will need to be controlled. In the event of an accident that may have broken or shattered the glass, you will need to call for a glazier to replace the window.⁣
DIY is a great way to save some money around the house when you can do it yourself. Most contractors charge by hour so no matter what you are wanting done it will cost, no matter how simple the project. Replacing a door hinge, installing a new lock or repairing damaged wood on doors can save money and all those are relatively simple projects.⁣⁣
The more we move towards a greener environmental state of mind as a society, it has been very noticeable that modern architecture is incorporating more glass into building designs. Firstly, glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused over and over again. Often whether they be residential, commercial or industrial buildings, new glass installations are the first features one will consider when renovating. Glass windows and doors are easily replaced, often for aesthetic, safety and environmental reasons.
In many homes and businesses across Sydney, from the CBD and Eastern suburbs, to the Inner West and Hills District, it’s common to find many commercial and residential buildings with frameless glass doors installed. While using glass as a building material for doors is impressive, adding value to the building, glass comes with its own unique set of challenges that require the expert knowledge of a Magic Glass glazier.⁣⁣