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Night Time Glass Installation

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When it comes to offering efficiency and convenience to our customers, we operate day or night to suit your needs, therefore we offer glass installation services during the night time in and around the Sydney metropolitan area.⁣

There are a number of situations when such scenarios may arise:⁣
  • When an emergency occurs at night which requires emergency glass replacement⁣.
  • When the site is busy during the day and working during the day may cause inconveniences to the operations of the business. For example, a business can be handling a lot of customers during the day and doing the glass works at this time may mean closing the business for some hours. ⁣

Working at night can sometimes present a number of challenges. Our machines and tools can cause mild noise which can appear to be very loud due to the silence at night. We therefore try to work with efficient machines that will generate little or no noise as we are conscious about the inconveniences we may be causing to other people. ⁣

Council permits and traffic control⁣
When we do our jobs at night and especially when we are using cranes, we require special permits from the council to give us the authority to work at night and to use the cranes. On some occasions, we use up to three cranes and these require much space to set up. Because cranes require large spaces, it’s always necessary to block some sections of the road so as not to clash with other road users. We take it upon ourselves to obtain the necessary permits to control traffic and divert them away from where we are working. This is important in avoiding inconveniences to the motorists and avoiding accidents due to any object that might accidentally fall on the motorists. ⁣

Within the course of our night operations, clients may require special types of glass. With an in-house cutting and processing plant, we cut all of our glass on site and have an incredible inventory of materials. We can create anything to suit your needs. Get in touch today on 18 000 GLASS to speak to one of our expert glaziers and to receive a free consultation.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣