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Glass Blog

Glass is both a functional and decorative material that can be used in many ways to improve your home and increase its value.

From increased safety to aesthetics, here are Magic Glass' top 5 ways glass can be used to improve your home.

1. Safety

Installing safety glass is a great way of boosting your home’s security and preventing injury in the event of breakage.

Safety glass such as toughened and laminated glazing units are more susceptible to force and are therefore much more difficult to break. This means that the likelihood of someone breaking into your home or glass shattering from severe weather events is drastically reduced.

In addition, toughened and laminated glass are designed to either stay intact or shatter into smaller pieces (rather than sharp shards) in the rare event of breakage.

2. Energy Efficiency

Most of our homes’ temperature losses or gains occur through our glass windows or doors. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can minimise these effects and make our homes more energy efficient.

Installing glass panels that are either multi-glazed, laminated or have low-emissivity coatings will drastically reduce heat transfer through your windows. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without blowing your energy bill through the roof.

For more information on these types of glass, read our How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Using Glass blog.

3. Openness

Another benefit of glass is that it can make your home appear more open. Having large windows, glass sliding doors and mirrors around your home can alter the look and feel of your property by making it seem more spacious and less closed-off.

4. Natural Light

Glass fills your home with natural light which not only helps save you money on electricity bills, but also boosts your mood and energises you.

Natural light boosts the look and feel of your home and adds value to your property.

Whether through windows, glass doors or skylights, there are an abundance of ways that you can increase natural light in and around your home.

5. Decoration

Last but not least, glass installs can be used to decorate your home.

Stained, frosted and etched glass can be used to add colour and edge to your home, as well as privacy.

In addition, glass splashbacks and frameless screens can be used for both decoration and functionality.

For more information on using glass to improve your home, contact Magic Glass today.

With our own fabrication facility and a team of experienced glaziers, we are able to custom-make glass specific to your space and your needs.

Aluminium windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular among home and business owners alike.

From durability to safety, these windows and doors offer an abundance of benefits. Here are our top 6.

1. High Durability

One of the main benefits of aluminium windows and doors is that they are highly durable. They are resistant to the elements and don’t rust.

In addition, they are structurally stronger than other materials such as timber, and are hence recommended for buildings in high-wind areas.

2. Low Cost

Aluminium has a much lower upfront cost than both timber and uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride).

Due to its low maintenance nature and energy efficient properties, aluminium windows and doors will also save you money in the long run.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminium framed windows and doors are also generally more aesthetically pleasing. They are used often in contemporary architecture as they give buildings a sleek and modern look.

Additionally, aluminium frames can be easily tailored to even the most challenging specifications and can be easily customised in terms of colour and finish.

4. Energy Efficient

In recent years, aluminium has significantly improved in terms of insulation and thermal performance.

When coupled with insulated or double-glazed glass, aluminium windows and doors can greatly reduce temperature loss and minimise cold draughts in your home. This not only improves thermal control, but also helps save you money on your energy bills.

5. Low Maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors are very low maintenance and easy to look after. They do not rust or discolour and you can get away with cleaning them only twice a year with soap and water.

6. Bushfire Safety

When it comes to fire resistance, aluminium windows and doors are your best bet. They offer a much higher BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating than alternative materials and are also more resistant to flame damage.

If you live in an area that is high-risk for bushfires, installing aluminium doors and windows is a very good idea.

If you’re considering installing aluminium doors or windows into your home, you should give Magic Glass a call. We will be able to advise you on your options and come up with a solution that suits you and your needs.


Glass replacement is not just for when you have a broken window or door. It can also be a critical component in making your property safer, more energy efficient and more resistant to noise.

Read on to learn more about knowing when it’s time to replace your glass.

1. Unsafe/Old Glass

The Australian Standards around glass are always changing, so ensuring you’re in compliance with them is important.

If your building is old and the glass hasn’t been replaced in a while, it’s worthwhile getting a professional in to have a look. They will be able to verify whether your glass is compliant and inform you of your options if it is not.

Remember: ensuring compliance with all Australian Standards is your legal responsibility if you are a building owner. You can be liable if there are any issues that occur as a result of non-compliant glass.

2. Fragile Glass

If your glass is fragile or standard single-pane, it may be time to think about upgrading to more secure glazing units - especially if you have children.

Installing toughened or laminated glass into your home will make a huge difference in improving safety and security.

These types of safety glass are difficult to break so they will make your property much more secure in the event of an attempted break-in or in harsh weather conditions.

In the rare event that they do break, both toughened and laminated glass are designed to either stay intact or shatter into much smaller pieces, as opposed to large sharp shards. This will prevent injury and make clean-up much easier.

3. Energy Wasting Glass

Standard, single-pane glass is also very energy-inefficient. It allows for easy heat transfer through your windows and doors, requiring more thermal control inside your home.

Upgrading to multi-glazed, laminated or low-emissivity coated glass is a great way to improve your building’s energy efficiency. These types of glass are great at insulating your home, keeping it cool during the summer and warm during the winter without you needing to blow your energy bill.

For more information on energy-efficient glass, read our How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Using Glass blog.

4. Loud Glass

If you’re finding that your glass is bad at blocking out external noise, it may be another sign to get a replacement.

Multi-glazed and laminated glass are much more sound-resistant than standard glass panels. They are great at keeping outside noise outside and maintaining the peace and quiet in your home.

Magic Glass are the experts in glass replacement. Whether you want to ensure your glass is compliant with current safety standards, make your home safer and more peaceful for you family, or boost the energy efficiency of your property, get in contact with our team today!

These days, more and more people are opting for aluminium windows. These windows offer a multitude of benefits such as high durability, low maintenance requirements, fewer costs, and greater aesthetic appeal.

If you’re unsure about what aluminium windows are, or what your design options are, read on.

What Are Aluminium Windows?

As the name implies, aluminium windows are windows that have a frame made of aluminium. They are completely weather-sealed, which minimises dust, draughts, and water intrusions.

Aluminium windows are commonly used in homes and offices. They are used frequently in architecturally designed buildings as they give both the interior and exterior a sleek and modern feel.

Types of Aluminium Windows

There are several different types of aluminium windows. These include:

  1. Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows: Opens to one side, providing an undisturbed space between frames.
  2. Aluminium Tilt-Turn Window: Opens on an angle from the top or side of the window .
  3. Aluminium Sliding Window: Opens by sliding from one side to the other. Most common type of aluminium window.
  4. Aluminium Casement Window: Hinged on the side and opens outwards.

Aluminium Window Features

Some of the main features of aluminium windows include:

  • Ability to retain their colour and not rust
  • Availability of various sizes and styles
  • Silent, smooth sliding movement
  • Availability of a wide range of colours.

If you want more information on aluminium windows or are considering installing them in your building, get in contact with the Magic Glass team. We will be able to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction when it comes to installation.

Although most of us think of advancements in technology in terms of the latest phones, iPads and other personal items, the latest technological advances in construction have been impressive over the last decade. One of the most time consuming tasks when it comes to home maintenance is repainting wooden windows. An increasingly popular option when making home improvements has been replacing old wooden frames, with glass aluminium windows.
Alongside doors, windows are an important investment in a newly built home or commercial building. Their price will depend on the type and design of windows, but when you’re glazing a home or new building it isn’t the time to go cheap. Good glass, used right, can make your home look better, bigger and brighter.⁣
Magic Glass has been replacing glass in aluminium windows for over 20 years. If you require 24/7 emergency glass replacement, Magic Glass provides immediate service rain or shine, day or night.⁣⁣⁣
Aluminium framed sliding windows can be installed in places where windows that have protrusions from the wall are not suitable. They are designed with slashes that slide horizontally or vertically within their frame. This type of window design is especially popular in development and office blocks in regions that require insect screens. These windows features can also be designed to suit all types of different architectural styles.⁣⁣
The Magic Glass technicians have been doing quality installations and delivering aluminium windows to Sydney properties of all descriptions for over 20 years.⁣⁣