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Installation of Glass Shelter at Parramatta Bus Stop

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Bus shelters at bus stops form a very important part of the public transport systems. They offer comfortable waiting points for travellers as they wait for their transportation and offer protection against weather conditions such as the hot sun or rain. Glass bus shelters have become a common choice for a number of bus stop designs because of their aesthetic appeal and capability to offer excellent protections to the passengers. Magic Glass is specialized in the provision of glass replacement and installation services in bus stops.⁣

In one of our recent assignments, we were tasked with the installation and replacement of a glass bus shelter in Parramatta Bus Stop. Here are the details: ⁣

The client - Acron Building Services⁣
Nature of the operations - In this job, we were contracted to fit glass awnings and different types of covers for the bus shelter. We did the job during the night from 9pm to 6am. This choice of time was ideal because there are not so many travellers during this time. Bus stations are always busy until 8pm after which they start to reduce in numbers as most people get home to rest. In the morning the bus station usually becomes busy at around 6am so it is important that we halt our operations at this time to avoid inconveniencing people.⁣

Working during these times also ensured that we did not cause any inconveniences to the travellers and even the buses. Because we had to use certain types of equipment for installing the glasses, there would have been higher chances of causing accidents had we worked when there were many people at the bus station. ⁣

Road closures & council permits - In this particular job, we had to block off some roads so as to allow us the space to move our machines and work effectively. We also used adequate manpower because we needed to finish the job within the night for it to be ready for use the following morning. With just a handful of men it would have been impossible to finish the job within the set timelines. ⁣
Materials used - In this job, we used grey toughened laminated safety glass and a custom made glass of 13.52mm thick. The glass weighed approximately 130kg. ⁣⁣⁣
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