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Glass Blog

Glass is both a functional and decorative material that can be used in many ways to improve your home and increase its value.

From increased safety to aesthetics, here are Magic Glass' top 5 ways glass can be used to improve your home.

1. Safety

Installing safety glass is a great way of boosting your home’s security and preventing injury in the event of breakage.

Safety glass such as toughened and laminated glazing units are more susceptible to force and are therefore much more difficult to break. This means that the likelihood of someone breaking into your home or glass shattering from severe weather events is drastically reduced.

In addition, toughened and laminated glass are designed to either stay intact or shatter into smaller pieces (rather than sharp shards) in the rare event of breakage.

2. Energy Efficiency

Most of our homes’ temperature losses or gains occur through our glass windows or doors. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can minimise these effects and make our homes more energy efficient.

Installing glass panels that are either multi-glazed, laminated or have low-emissivity coatings will drastically reduce heat transfer through your windows. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without blowing your energy bill through the roof.

For more information on these types of glass, read our How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Using Glass blog.

3. Openness

Another benefit of glass is that it can make your home appear more open. Having large windows, glass sliding doors and mirrors around your home can alter the look and feel of your property by making it seem more spacious and less closed-off.

4. Natural Light

Glass fills your home with natural light which not only helps save you money on electricity bills, but also boosts your mood and energises you.

Natural light boosts the look and feel of your home and adds value to your property.

Whether through windows, glass doors or skylights, there are an abundance of ways that you can increase natural light in and around your home.

5. Decoration

Last but not least, glass installs can be used to decorate your home.

Stained, frosted and etched glass can be used to add colour and edge to your home, as well as privacy.

In addition, glass splashbacks and frameless screens can be used for both decoration and functionality.

For more information on using glass to improve your home, contact Magic Glass today.

With our own fabrication facility and a team of experienced glaziers, we are able to custom-make glass specific to your space and your needs.

If you are considering building a new home or you have an interest to renovate your office premises, then you should consider installing glass doors. Glass doors are not simply entryways; they are security measures to your facility, add personal style to entry paths and are an efficient way to maximize your home’s energy flow. They also come in many forms; framed, frameless, sliding or hinged.⁣⁣
Is it time to renovate your office space? Why not start with the things that can save you money and improve the morale of your workers. Replacing a glass office window, door or wall and you will reap immediate benefits both quantifiable and unquantifiable. If your office windows have been serving you for about 10 years or so, you may need to check how they are doing for insulation from weather and sound. They may be part of the reason why you are paying hefty heating bills and replacing them could reduce your electricity bills every year.⁣⁣⁣
Advances in construction and design has given us some of the most wonderful ways to create a home or shop that is exactly as you envision. When it comes to doors, long gone are the days that the only option was a solid wooden door. Glass exterior doors are an increasingly popular and beautiful option for your home, creating the illusion of a larger space and allowing in more light.⁣⁣
A lot more thought is now put into the design of modern homes and offices. We go further than considering the practicalities, also taking into account the emotional and spiritual impact space has on a person. Glass is an integral part of modern design, from exterior walls being composed entirely of glass to simple internal glass doors to separate spaces.⁣⁣
If you are ready to select windows and doors for your new home, you may be battling with different ideas on how to select the right ones. It is true that windows and doors in any building play quite an important role in the entire presentation of your home and so you want to find a style and design that will compliment the overall design that you choose for your home.
In many homes and businesses across Sydney, from the CBD and Eastern suburbs, to the Inner West and Hills District, it’s common to find many commercial and residential buildings with frameless glass doors installed. While using glass as a building material for doors is impressive, adding value to the building, glass comes with its own unique set of challenges that require the expert knowledge of a Magic Glass glazier.⁣⁣
If you need a glass door replaced in your property, then you may want to bear a few things in mind. Replacing a glass door must be done by a professional glazing expert like Magic Glass. You also need to know the options available to you to make the right choice. Glass doors come in two basic forms; the glass panel door and frameless glass doors.⁣
Are you looking for an installation service for stacking glass doors? Then look no further than the team at Magic Glass because you have found the best team of experts to do the job. Whether you want to make a design statement in your home or increase the security to your business or home; aluminium framed glass stackable doors are a fantastic feature.⁣⁣
There are many reasons people choose to replace a glass sliding door, sometimes it is just a matter of replacing some of the moving parts like the rollers that wear and tear over time but sometimes the door just gets too old and you need a new one.⁣