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Double Glazed Windows

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Are you looking for double glazed windows in Sydney? Then you need to bear certain things in mind before you go about your search. Perhaps, the best thing to do is to start by knowing exactly what double glazed windows are.

Double glazed windows are windows that have two glass panes installed in their frames instead of a single pane. These windows are common in places where energy efficiency is an important consideration in construction of a home or property. These windows are very good at enhancing energy efficiency. However, they come at an extra cost. Nevertheless, these windows are cost-effective in reducing energy expenses.⁣

Features ⁣
Energy efficiency does not stem from the thickness of these windows. Apart from featuring two panes instead of one, these windows have a gap between the glass panes. Insulation from cold or heat is provided by the gap between the two panes of glass. ⁣

You cannot overestimate the insulating role played by the glass. In most properties, more heat gain and loss is caused by windows than any other parts of the building. In summer, windows that are not shaded allow about 100 times as much heat to get into a home as the insulated walls. During winter, windows allow about 10 times greater heat loss than insulated walls do. This implies that windows alone can result in about 40 percent heat loss in a typical home. ⁣

Benefits ⁣
The major benefits of installing windows that are double glazed are many, especially in areas with a wide variation in temperatures. If the outdoor temperatures in your home vary greatly causing your home to lose heat or vice versa, you should install these windows. They will help you save in the overall energy expenses by ensuring that your home remains warm. They are also beneficial in business premises or offices because they help in keeping the indoor air warm during winter and cool during summer. ⁣

If you are thinking of installing double glazed windows in your home or property in Sydney, you should get a quote from professional dealers in these windows. We are professional and reputable specialists in double glazed windows. Once you contact us, we will offer you a quote instantly. ⁣

Even if you are not sure about the right windows for your property, contact Magic Glass’s team of experts to discuss options. We are always available and ready to offer you professional services and advice throughout Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburb, Inner West, North Shore and the greater Sydney Metropolitan area. Our goal is your satisfaction, so call us today on 18 000 GLASS to discuss getting the best deal on top quality double glazed windows in Sydney.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣