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How Often Should You be Getting Your Building’s Facade Cleaned?

  • 2 min read
Having a clean facade is paramount when it comes to maintaining the visual appeal of your building. A dirty commercial building can be damaging for your business’s reputation and a dirty residential building will deter potential buyers and residents. ⁣

Knowing how often you should have your facade cleaned is difficult. The general rule of thumb is to have your building’s exterior cleaned once every 3-5 years, however, there are a few factors to consider that may require your building to be cleaned more frequently.⁣


If your building is located in an industrial area or close to any highways, it will likely be exposed to more pollution. This pollution can lead to a much bigger dirt build-up in a shorter period of time. ⁣

Dirt build-ups can also lead to moisture build-ups which can cause additional aesthetic and structural issues such as mould and algae growths. ⁣

In addition, buildings near construction sites are at risk of getting hard water stains caused by construction dust landing on the façade and getting baked on by the sun. If left uncleaned, this can permanently stain the glass leaving a white/grey residue that will seriously affect the view. ⁣


Although you may think the rain will help clean your building, rainwater actually carries with it a number of environmental pollutants that can also cause dirt and moisture build-ups.⁣

If it has been a particularly wet year or your building has been exposed to a lot more moisture and wind than usual, it is a good idea to have its exterior cleaned regardless of when you last had it done.⁣

Building Type⁣

Residential buildings should also be cleaned more regularly. ⁣

A cleaner facade generates greater ‘curb appeal’, drawing more prospective buyers to your building. A clean building exterior will also add value to your apartments and improve their marketability.⁣

Building Purpose⁣

If your building houses restaurants, cafes or medical centres, a higher level of cleanliness and sanitation is a must.⁣

This not only includes inside your building, but also outside as external pollutants can build-up and cause complications. ⁣

All in all, regardless of your building’s location, type, or purpose, having it cleaned regularly will only benefit you and your building’s inhabitants.⁣

Regular facade cleaning will help maintain the building’s visual appeal and will also help prevent the occurrence of other issues such as concrete cancer, which can be expensive and difficult to resolve.⁣

For thorough and efficient facade cleaning services, get in contact with our team today.⁣

Our Rope Access Division is highly experienced in cleaning high-rise buildings and leaving crystal-clear finishes that will impress you and your building’s residents.⁣