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Getting the Most Out of Your Shopfront

  • 2 min read
  are an often overlooked, but very important component of your business. They are the "first impression" your business makes on potential customers. Making sure your shopfront is neat and welcoming is important and making sure it does its job is even more so. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of your glass shopfront.⁣

Keep Your Shopfront Clean⁣

A key component in having an inviting shopfront is keeping it clean. No one likes entering a messy store so it's important to keep your store’s exterior neat and tidy. ⁣

For glass shopfronts, make sure the glass is cleaned often with a mop and squeegee. You can find out more about how to effectively clean your shopfront by reading our glass cleaning tips and tricks blog. For larger stores and high-rises, contact Magic Glass for a professional clean.⁣

Ensure You Shopfront is Secure⁣

Investing in a secure shopfront is a must for all businesses, big and small. The best way to go about this is to make sure your shopfront is made from safety glass. ⁣

All shopfronts are required by Australian Standards to be Grade A safety glass. Safety glass is much stronger and durable than regular glass. It prevents damage from harsh weather conditions, and protects against break-ins. It’s also much safer than regular glass as the breakage of safety glass is significantly less likely to cause injury to customers and employees.⁣

Protect Your Merchandise from the Elements⁣

Any merchandise that is displayed in your shopfront is more exposed to the elements, particularly if your store is not in a shopping centre. UV rays and heat may damage these products, so it’s important to consider ways in which you can protect them. ⁣

As some types of safety glass, such as Low Emissivity glass (Low E glass), can block UV rays, it is a good idea to consider replacing your shopfront to protect your merchandise from the sun. In addition, Low E glass is an effective thermal insulator. This is an important aspect to consider if your products are sensitive to the heat, or if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your store by keeping the elements out. ⁣

Acoustic glass is also an option. Products such as hush laminated or insulated glass units can keep your store quieter if located on a busy road and can also be combined with Low E coatings.⁣

Investing in your shopfront is very worthwhile. Keeping it clean will attract customers, keeping it secure will prevent theft and accidents, and protecting it from the elements will keep your products safe and improve the energy efficiency of your business.⁣

If you’re considering upgrading your shopfront, contact the Magic Glass team for a free quote.⁣