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Glass Cleaning Tips And Tricks

  • 2 min read
Cleaning your glass windows and doors is a relatively simple chore. Getting that professionally-cleaned, crystal-clear look however, requires a bit more work. ⁣

As leader’s in the glass industry, the Magic Glass team has done their fair share of glass and facade cleaning jobs. We often get great feedback on these jobs, so we thought we’d share our top window cleaning tips and tricks with you: ⁣
1. Do your cleaning on a cool, cloudy day. Windows tend to absorb heat particularly when it is warm and sunny outside. This can result in the cleaning solution drying up and sticking to the glass before you have a chance to wipe it off. Therefore, you should aim to do all your cleaning when it’s cooler and cloudier outside. This will ensure the best results and a streak-free finish. ⁣
2. Remove any dirt and dust first. The best thing to do first is to remove any excess dirt and dust around the glass and the frames. To do this, sweep the entire window with a brush or use a vacuum. If the window is still grimy, give it a rinse with some water.⁣
3. Be generous with the product. When it comes to applying the cleaning solution, you don’t want to be shy. You need to ensure you’re using enough in order for it to properly dissolve and remove the dirt. ⁣
4. Clean from top to bottom. As the cleaning solution drips down the glass, the best tactic is to clean from the top of the glass to the bottom. This will prevent dirty water from dripping onto the clean glass and minimise the occurrence of streaks.⁣
5. Use a squeegee. For drying your glass, use a squeegee. This will polish each section of the glass, even those that are difficult to reach, without leaving streaks behind.⁣
6. Complete the job with a microfibre cloth. To get the best finish, go over the dry glass with a microfibre cloth. This will absorb any remaining product or water and leave the glass looking shiny without the risk of scratching or damaging it. ⁣

These tricks will ensure your windows and doors are thoroughly cleaned. For larger or high-rise jobs however, we do recommend you give us a call. ⁣