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Timber Framed Window Replacement | Magic Glass

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Timber framed windows have a beautiful look when installed in traditional houses such as heritage listed buildings and older style homes. However, these windows become damp over time and they can become a real eyesore if not well looked after. Fortunately, we have experts who are always on standby to return your windows to their initial glory. If you spot rotting windows in your building and leave it without repair or replacement over a long duration, it will not only spread the rotting but will also increase the overall cost of repair or replacement when you do get it done.⁣

The best thing to do is seek professional assistance from Magic Glass experts. If you suspect rotting wood frames on your windows then let us assess the situation and offer you the necessary service before it becomes a major problem. Magic Glass professionals provide repair and replacement services to property owners no matter what type of glass or frame you have. With an in-house cutting and processing plant with a huge inventory of materials, there is no job we can’t complete. ⁣

Glass replacement in heritage buildings
Heritage listed buildings are buildings that boast of architectural idiosyncrasies from early architectural periods. They are buildings with period features. These buildings are very important and every listed building is special in some way. A building may be considered to be particularly special due to its age, architectural merit, rarity or association with a famous event or person. Such buildings include everything from village tower blocks or pumps, to regular family homes and public buildings.⁣

If you have a heritage listed building that requires glass replacement, just contact us on 18 000 GLASS now. We have been offering glass replacement services for such buildings over the years and we are ready to help. We will conduct extensive assessment of your building and its condition and then offer the necessary replacement service at a reasonable price.⁣

French door glass & frames
‘French door’ glass made of a double-pane glass can have an embedded decorative grill between the glass panes. The grill can be superimposed at the top of the pane of the glass on the door. A decorative pattern can also be cut into the glass giving the French door an elegant look.⁣

If French door glass is broken or in need of maintenance, then call Magic Glass. We will offer you popular French door replacement styles that are functional, attractive and allow for an adequate amount of light into your home.⁣

These are some of the services that we offer. Feel free to contact us for any project in timber window replacement in Sydney and we will gladly come to your aid. With over 20 years of industry experience and thousands of happy customers, call us now on 18 000 GLASS for a free consultation.⁣⁣⁣