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4 Window Glazing Options to Your Home

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Window glass and glazing is a complex element in every home with many types to choose from. A dominant feature to any building, windows allow fresh air and light to come into a home while enabling residents to connect indoor living spaces with the outdoors. Your choice in window can also affect energy efficiency by allowing unwanted heat in during the summer or causing unwanted heat loss during winter.⁣

As such, it is important to know the available windows option and why they may be suitable or unsuitable for your home. Among the available options of windows glazing includes the following:⁣

Laminate glass
Laminate glass remains intact when it breaks, reducing or totally eliminating possible injuries. This glass is made by combining glass panes with a “poly-vinyl-butyral” or Ionoplast interlayers. These interlayers are designed to strengthen and improve the resistance of the glass to impact. ⁣

Laminate glass is often used in areas that are prone to impact by human movement such as in bathrooms, around staircases and doors. When interlayers are selected carefully they provide the advantage of keeping the home safe from noise while ensuring energy efficiency of a home. ⁣

Double glazing ⁣
Double glazing windows are made of two glass panes instead of one. The panes are attached to frames, leaving a gap between them. This gap provides insulation against heat loss or heat gain in a home. Their second most popular quality is noise reduction. Double glazed windows dramatically reduce the amount of noise able to penetrate any window. They are suitable for homes or commercial settings where indoor and outdoor temperatures greatly, or there is a lot of exterior noise you may like to reduce.⁣

Toughened glass
Toughened glass refers to a glass that has been put through a thermal treatment under a controlled environment to increase its strength. Annealed glass is used to make toughened glass. It is heated to about 6500c and cooled rapidly. Different physical properties of the glass are created by increased heating and rapid cooling. The resulting glass has compressive and improved stress for bending the glass. ⁣

Breaking this glass is not easy and therefore it is suitable for use in interior and exterior applications such as showroom shelves, facades, shower cabins, dividers and doors among others. It is also used in the back lights and side lights of automobiles. ⁣

Plate glass
Plate glass refers to a glass that was initially produced in the form of plane. It is called plate because it is easy to bend when producing plane sheet. This glass is commonly used in windows, transparent walls and glass in modern architecture. ⁣

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