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The Benefits of Bird-Proofing Your Building

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Bird-proofing your building can present countless benefits for you and your building’s inhabitants. These include:

1. Blocked Gutters and Property Damage Prevention

A common cause of blocked gutters and property damage is bird feathers and nesting ruminants getting stuck in gutters. This can cause blockages and clogs in gutters and downpipes that often lead to water damage.

2. Glass Awning Damage Prevention

Birds are known to pick up rocks from roofs and drop them over the edge frequently landing on glass roofs/awnings below. This can be extremely costly to replace the glass. Magic Glass can install either netting on the pebbled roof to cover the rocks and prevent birds from picking them up, or alternatively install a debris catch net above any glass awnings to catch the rocks and prevent glass breakage.

In addition, birds can damage tiles and shingles when roosting on building facades.

3. Improved Property Aesthetics

Birds can also damage the aesthetics of your building. Bird droppings and nesting ruminants can make your building look dirty and can even lead to permanent discolouration of your facade.

4 . Protection of the Health of your Building’s Inhabitants

Bird droppings and feathers can carry transmissible diseases and parasites. This can threaten the health and well-being of your building’s inhabitants.

5. Reductions in Nesting Noises

Birds can be loud, especially when they’re nesting. Bird-proofing your building will ensure that the inhabitants of your building can enjoy peace and quiet.

6. Ecosystem Protection

Bird-proofing encourages native birds to nest in nature, rather than in buildings. This keeps them safe and improves surrounding ecosystems.

Magic Glass can offer long-term bird-proofing solutions for all buildings, low and high-rise. Our bird-proofing and pest control services include:

  • Bird spiking
  • Pin and wire
  • Bird netting
  • Guano removal 
  • Trap and release of pests.

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