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4 Signs Your Building Needs Waterproofing

  • 1 min read
Harsh weather conditions can be a nightmare for building owners. Water, hail, and winds can bring moisture to your property which, if not sufficiently waterproofed, can drastically affect the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your building.⁣

If you’re unsure whether your property has been waterproofed or unsure whether you should get it waterproofed, here are 4 signs to look out for.⁣

1. Changes to Your Flooring⁣

Sudden changes in your building’s flooring can be a sign of water damage. Warped floorboards and loose tiles often indicate moisture absorption or internal leakages. ⁣

2. Bubbles/Blisters on Your Walls⁣

Bubbles or blisters on your wall are a tell-tale sign of moisture absorption. They occur when water gets into your building and causes your paint to loosen over time. ⁣

3. Internal Leaks and Damp Spots⁣

Leaks and damp spots are not uncommon in buildings. If they are gradually getting worse or more numerous, however, it is likely a sign that you need to waterproof your property.⁣

Not taking sufficient action may lead to mould developments which can pose serious threats to the inhabitants of your building.⁣

4. Condensation⁣

Excess condensation can also arise when your building has not been sufficiently waterproofed. ⁣

This can damage the visual appeal of your building and can also lead to potential health issues amongst occupants. ⁣

If you do notice any of these signs in your building, we recommend you get in contact with our team.⁣

Whether high-rise or low-rise, our technicians will be able to assess your property and waterproof as required.⁣