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Replace or Install Louvre Windows

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Popular in the past, many people now consider louvred windows outdated and less fashionable. Use of modern glazing and window styles had replaced the louvred forms in the recent years. However, in the wake of improved fabrication techniques and newer, better louvre design, home owners are reconsidering the benefits of this type of window in relation to design and also energy efficiency.⁣⁣
Expert help with louvre choices ⁣⁣
If you are needing to just replace 1 or 2 panels or planning to install a complete new glass louvre system, you should consult with a certified glass company to find out a few things; the required thickness of glass, the exact size, and whether you will need vertical louvres or horizontally designed ones. Installing glass louvres requires the skills and knowledge of an expert. Whether you intend to repair a single broken louvre panel or install an all new louvre window system, you should seek expert guidance from Magic Glass.⁣⁣
Benefits of louvre windows:⁣⁣
  • They make a building more energy-efficient: Since they allow natural light into the building, there is less use of air conditioner. With louvred windows, you can use natural light or warmth and minimize the cost of energy for your house.⁣⁣
  • They are flexible: Louvred windows can tilt at various angles to remain open even during light showers. This flexible provision is not easy to achieve with other forms of windows.⁣⁣
  • They have evolved over time and have maintained their elegance. While some people consider them vintage in the twenty-first century, louvred windows can still shine with elegance and strength.⁣⁣
  • They come in various sleek and modern designs: You have the option of using vertical or horizontal louvres. However, before you replace or install glass louvres, seek appropriate advice from a recognized company for glass.⁣⁣
The architectural industry continues to advance, and many changes take place in design and construction of modern windows and doors. Installing glass louvres in your home can improve it a great deal by increasing energy-efficiency and improving ventilation.⁣⁣
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