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Install New Windows

  • 2 min read
Glass windows are essential features found in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and so on. Glass windows have evolved in style and function. With endless varieties now available, they can provide us with thermal insulation, solar control, fire resistance, safety and security from breakage, even noise control, and furthermore a decorative glass window can provide beauty, peace and comfort.⁣

High quality window installation should always be kept in mind. Taking measurements to install new windows is the first step of installation and should be given important attention for the fitting of the window frame. Make sure the outside dimensions of the window are at least ¾-inch narrower and ½-inch shorter than the smallest width and height measurements, respectively. If they're not, you'll have to either reframe the opening or order a new window. ⁣

To protect against water infiltration, self-adhering waterproof membranes are applied. Then, windows are ready to install, making sure that it is perpendicular to the sides of the window frame. By then, windows are levelled with a 2-foot level placed on the windowsill to note its high side and a 4-foot level against the window jamb on that side, and shift the sill left or right until the level shows the jamb is plumb, then taking a nail into the fin at the lower corner on the same side as the first nail. Additional adherences are applied to seal the perimeter, making it more sturdy; and sealing gaps with polyurethane foam to insulate against draft.⁣

Lastly, a good quality glass window product and an expert team to deal with the installation of the windows promptly and professionally is essential. At Magic Glass we have over 20 years of glass industry experience. For a professional service for all glass solutions call 18 000 GLASS for bookings and a complimentary quote.⁣⁣