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Concrete Cancer - What is it and why is it Bad?

  • 2 min read

Concrete cancer is an issue all building managers and owners should be familiar with. It can occur in any building and, if left untreated, can vastly affect its structural integrity.

What is Concrete Cancer?

Concrete cancer occurs when the steel reinforcements in a concrete slab begin to corrode. This causes the surrounding concrete to become brittle and crack, which can have drastic effects on both the functionality and visual appeal of the building.

Concrete cancer occurs most commonly when the steel reinforcements are exposed to air and water.

What are the Signs of Concrete Cancer?

Common signs of concrete cancer include:

  • Cracking or crumbling concrete
  • Rust stains emerging from the concrete
  • Bubbling of the concrete render
  • Leaks in internal walls.

What are the Causes of Concrete Cancer?

Concrete cancer can occur for a number of reasons. The mains ones being:

  • Poor waterproofing
  • Saltwater chlorides forming in buildings near the sea
  • Harsh/wet weather conditions
  • Concrete carbonation
  • Poor quality concrete
  • Insufficient concrete cover
  • Ground movement under the building.

How do you Treat Concrete Cancer?

Concrete cancer treatment is predominantly dependent upon the cause of the problem. In the event of concrete carbonation or insufficient concrete cover, most technicians will opt for the application of a polymer modified repair system to the steel reinforcements of the concrete slabs.

In the event of weather damage or the formation of saltwater chlorides, it is common to treat concrete cancer with electrochemical treatment options, such as cathodic protection.

The worse the concrete cancer is, the harder it will be to treat. Early diagnosis is therefore key in preventing further structural damage and saving you money .

If you spot any signs of concrete cancer in your structure, you should contact Magic Glass as soon as possible.

Our qualified technicians will be able to identify the causes of your concrete cancer and inform you on your options for remediation. We also have a specialised Rope Access Division, so we can access all areas of your building, no matter its size.

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