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What Differentiates Magic Glass from Other Glass Providers?⁣

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Magic Glass is an Australian owned business focused on excellence. For the Magic Glass team, the customer’s experience is a key focus and the central priority of any job. So, how does Magic Glass differ from other glass providers?⁣⁣⁣

Embracing Technology⁣
As Magic Glass has grown, the company has embraced innovation through technology. As a leading glass provider, the team recognises the ability of technological developments to improve management systems and the service that customers experience. With the latest technologies, the Magic Glass team can provide state-of-the-art designs, rapid service and innovative solutions for both commercial and residential customers. ⁣

Magic Glass were early adopters of cutting-edge techniques such as Dry Ice Blasting to remove rust and Rope Access. Now boasting a team of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained abseiling technicians, Magic Glass has been able to utilise industry first tools and techniques to provide cheaper, lower-disturbance and more effective façade services to customers.⁣

Unlike other glass companies, Magic Glass also hosts an in-house furnace to customise, fabricate and cut glass specific to customers' needs rapidly. With this unique technological resource, Magic Glass can provide and install toughened or customised glass in 24 hours⁣.

More recently, the Glazing and Rope Access divisions have been updated and remodelled by Nexus Service Manager. A cloud-based application that provides high quality field service, Nexus Service Manager centralises Magic Glass’ business information and improves the efficiency of glazing jobs day in, day out. With better information about the sequence of projects, the customer receives higher quality, quicker and more accurate information about costs and materials for the specific task at hand.⁣⁣

Hustle Culture⁣
Magic Glass’ focus on constant improvement and genuine prioritisation of the customer’s experience is at the heart of all their projects. ⁣

As a company with a ‘get it done’ attitude, the Magic Glass team prioritises a reputable turn around time. The team at Magic Glass are committed to each other, to the task at hand and most of all, to giving a high-quality service to the customer.⁣

This company focus is especially important when the team are working on a residential property. The Magic Glass team appreciates the emotional importance of the customer’s ‘dream home’. With a hustle mentality, Magic Glass is dedicated to achieving the customer’s vision for their home with polished finishes and in rapid time. ⁣

Magic Glass’ ‘Pull Together’ culture achieves excellent results for every customer. As part of their unique commitment to providing the highest quality result time and time again, Magic Glass prioritises quality customer service. With a Quality Service and Rapid Response attitude, the Magic Glass team is a cut above its competitors.⁣⁣

Focus on Excellence⁣
Despite having a response rate amongst the fastest in the industry, the Magic Glass team is also highly committed to accreditation and experience. The entire Rope Access Division team are IRATA trained and certified every 3 years to ensure the highest safety standards when working at heights or in high-rise environments. ⁣

Magic Glass is also accredited by ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) and Standards Australia in Quality Management, Environment Management Systems and OH&S Management Systems. ⁣

Magic Glass’ subscription to ‘Best practice certification ISO 9001: Quality management systems’ ensures they're always using the highest quality policies, processes and procedures to plan and execute projects to meet customers' requirements.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣