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Glass Blog

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass is made through a process which involves controlled high temperatures or chemical treatments in a special tempering oven. This process gives the glass a special feature (balanced internal stress) which strengthens the glass. It is more than 5 times stronger than a normal glass sheet of the same thickness.⁣⁣
Glass has proven to be a solution to the safety and security in our homes and commercial properties for a long time. However, certain areas require increased safety or security. In order to ensure security and safety, quality workmanship and the choice of the glass to use is a major factor to consider.⁣
If you are considering building a new home or you have an interest to renovate your office premises, then you should consider installing glass doors. Glass doors are not simply entryways; they are security measures to your facility, add personal style to entry paths and are an efficient way to maximize your home’s energy flow. They also come in many forms; framed, frameless, sliding or hinged.⁣⁣
Windows plays a crucial role in our homes. A glass window properly installed, gives an impressive look to the home’s appearance but at the same time poses risks to young children. Child safety comes first and to observe this several safety measures must be considered to eliminate window related injuries in houses.
Magic Glass offers a wide variety of glass films ranging from decorative to anti-graffiti films. These films can be applied on all types of glass or windows in your home or premise to offer an easy and cost effective solution to any glass updates or issues.⁣
If you have a large commercial or residential building where many people live or work, as the building manager or property owner, you may be liable for any glass related accidents occurring within your premise due to out of date or non-compliant glass. Furthermore, old plate glass windows and doors can cause fatal accidents or even instant deaths in unlucky situations.⁣
When searching for a glass repair service it is worth considering employing a glazier who is preferred by insurance companies. Magic Glass works for a number of major insurers and can always help you to access, lodge and receive your compensation in no time.⁣
Accidents occur when you least expect them. Regardless of the quality of glass you have in your home or office, repair services are a must. Glass is prone to breaking or fading overtime and there is a need to seek repairs when this happens. Don’t wait for the glass to get damaged before looking for a glass company near you!⁣
There are many places offering glass repair in Sydney but it is important to find a glass company that is open 24hours because you may need emergency repairs once in a while. When looking for a glass company that offers quality repairs, you must concentrate on the four qualities mentioned below.⁣⁣
Emergency board up services are important for every homeowner and business. A home or commercial building can be broken into or vandalized causing major damage. Sometimes natural calamities like water, fire and smoke can cause severe damage to the building and that's where Magic Glass’s emergency board up services come in.⁣
When you experience damage to your windows, you need to look for a solution fast. Magic Glass’ after hours glass replacement services allow you to get speedy repairs done when most glass companies are already closed. You can approach an emergency glass repair company such as Magic Glass that is able to offer these services at an affordable price without compromising on quality. ⁣⁣
Glass serves as an important feature in the house, office or any other properties it is installed to. Whenever glazier work is done professionally, a great look is achieved for the building or asset. Glazing is a field which requires credibility and professionalism because it involves the handling of fragile and at the same time dangerous materials.⁣