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Australian Glass Quality and Compliance

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If you have a large commercial or residential building where many people live or work, as the building manager or property owner, you may be liable for any glass related accidents occurring within your premise due to out of date or non-compliant glass. Furthermore, old plate glass windows and doors can cause fatal accidents or even instant deaths in unlucky situations.⁣

To reduce or eliminate this risk and liability, you must always carry out a glass safety compliance audit. The aim of this exercise is to make sure that the glass in your property meets all the relevant Australian glass standards. Meeting these standards will minimize the risk and limit liability of any glass accidents within your premises. ⁣

In case the audit excise reveals that your glass does not conform to the current standards, your accredited glass company, Magic Glass, will help you in designing a remedy program to enable you to comply and eliminate the liability.⁣

In Australia, ideal glass standards to comply with were released late in 2006. This means that all buildings built before 2006 may not be built in accordance with the latest Australian Standards. Thus, owners or managers of such buildings are always at a great risk of non-compliance. For this reason, they are in fact fully liable for any glass accidents.⁣

To build clients confidence in choosing and installing glass that meets Australian Standards (AS1288 – 2006), Australian Glazing and Glazier Association (AGGA) came up with an accredited installer program. Magic Glass is a member of AGGA. It was in fact, one of the founding members. We are fully accredited installers under the AGGA scheme.⁣⁣

To clearly understand the circumstances under which managers or property owners can be held liable for glazier non-compliance, Magic Glass carries out an extensive research on major past plate glass windows and accident cases. Our aim was to establish the scope of liability due to negligence or glass non-compliance. From our research, we found out that:⁣⁣

  • All glaziers must be assessed at least once to ensure conformity to Australian Standards (AS1288)⁣
  • All parties involved have a duty to take care of themselves and others at the same time i.e. a duty to offer a safe environment⁣
  • All glazier products should be ‘fit for purpose’ as outlined⁣
  • Disregarding or neglecting these rules makes you liable for any damage arising⁣
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