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New Australian Window Regulations

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Children and window safety⁣
Windows plays a crucial role in our homes. A glass window properly installed, gives an impressive look to the home’s appearance but at the same time poses risks to young children. Child safety comes first and to observe this several safety measures must be considered to eliminate window related injuries in houses.⁣

Australia is a country prone to warm weather, and most people leave windows open to get fresh air through the home. We cannot control nature, but we can prevent many dangers it poses to us. It’s a wise thing to remind parents and construction managers of the benefits of window safety in our houses.⁣

Regulatory Code⁣
Due to recent increases in window fall incidents in Sydney, the National Construction Code has come up with new building codes that impact window safety. The code was implemented to prioritize child safety from the neglected dangers posed by windows installed in our homes.⁣

Magic Glass is a company with a sense of commitment to safety as its first priority. That’s why we welcomed the new code of conduct for glaziers to ensure that the entire industry undertakes proper safety precautions when installing glass to avoid accidents. ⁣

Many tragic accidents are as a result of window falls which causes serious injuries or even death. Due to this, our company has adopted use of the latest products and devices that help eliminate chances of a child falling through open windows.⁣

Building code requirements⁣
The new building code requires the parties involved to ensure all children's bedrooms, classrooms, and childhood centres that are beyond the ground floor must have safety devices fully installed. ⁣

Window safety and fall prevention tips⁣
  • Parents should avoid placing furniture near windows to ensure children don’t climb over them to get near open windows⁣
  • Parents should consider strengthening all windows using safety films⁣
  • Ensure kids play far away from open glass doors and windows⁣
  • Parents should be sure to comply with the new code of rules while constructing houses⁣
  • Parents should train their kids on how to open windows safely in case of emergency and also the dangers of glass breaking and not supporting their weight⁣

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