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Should I Use Toughened or Laminated Glass?

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Should-I-Use-Toughened-or-Laminated-GlassHow do I know if I should use toughened or laminated glass?⁣⁣
At some point most contractors or property owners are faced with the dilemma of choosing between laminated glass and toughened glass. Magic Glass are here to help you solve this dilemma once and for all!⁣

Toughened glass⁣
Toughened glass is a special type of safety glass manufactured in highly controlled thermal conditions. In case of application of abnormal pressure, toughened glass will simply crumble into small granular particles instead of long sharp pieces. These particles are less likely to cause serious injuries in case of an accident.⁣

Properties of toughened glass:⁣
  • Superior strength as compared to other ordinary glass⁣
  • In case of an accident, the glass will shatter into small cubes⁣
  • Can resist chemical reactions⁣
  • Reacts with hydrofluoric acid⁣
  • Can withstand considerably high temperatures⁣

Toughened glass is the best choice when chemical resistance, thermal resistance, safety and strength are the main consideration. It is widely used in:⁣
  • Low placed windows or doors⁣
  • Construction especially for unframed assemblies, for instance, office partitioning, shower screens, doors, windows, etc.⁣
  • Making cooking and baking appliances, e.g. microwaves and ovens⁣

Laminated glass⁣
Is also a special type of safety glass. It is made by combining two or more glass layers using polyvinyl butyral (PVB) under high pressure and temperatures. In case of accidents, the glass will break but the sharp pieces will remain held together thus minimizing the risk.⁣

Properties of laminated glass:⁣
  • Made of more than one glass layer- PVB thickness of 0.38 and above.⁣
  • Has reflective index of 1.48⁣
  • Can filter 99% of UV rays ⁣
  • High tensile strength of 3220 psi and above⁣
  • In case of accident, it shatters but the pieces remain together⁣
  • Has a specific gravity of 1.07⁣
  • Specific heat capacity of lb°F⁣

Application of laminated glass⁣
Due to its unique features, it has many applications. Considering strength, safety and security as the key factors, laminated glass is used as/in:⁣
  • Insulating glass⁣
  • Sound proof/control⁣
  • Safety glass⁣
  • Security glass⁣
  • Solar control⁣
  • Noise reduction⁣
  • UV protection⁣
  • Making skylights⁣
  • Making rails or balustrades⁣
  • Hurricane or storm resistance⁣
  • Blast mitigation⁣
  • Making complex designs e.g. canopies⁣

With this information, we hope you can now make the right choice for your project. If you’re still unsure why not give us a call on 18 000 GLASS and speak to one of our expert technicians. Magic Glass is a reputable Australian glazier company offering 24-hour emergency glass repair/replacement, installation and other professional glazier services mainly in Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Inner West and Sydney Metropolitan area.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣