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Nexvia is an all-Australian, cloud-based project management system designed to provide all construction-based stakeholders a platform that tracks project progression from start to finish.⁣

Founded and built by self-proclaimed ‘tradies’, Nexvia was developed by a construction company, for construction companies, with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing errors, and increasing communication within businesses. ⁣

With an abundance of tools available, Nexvia aims to be the one-stop-shop for all things project management. Offering a range of services in Estimating, Tendering, Management, Contractor and Client Portals, Production, Sales CRMs and Operational Tools, the platform offers everything you need to successfully manage your projects. ⁣

Magic Glass is amongst the growing list of leading construction companies across Australia and New Zealand who have implemented Nexvia into their business processes. To discuss the invaluable role Nexvia has played in helping Magic Glass develop into an industry leader, we caught up with Justin Barlow, National Sales Director at Nexvia, to ask a few questions.⁣

What is Nexvia?⁣

Nexvia is a cloud-based platform designed for project management to ensure that all the cost control and compliance requirements are all in one centralised, accessible point for everyone in the business. We also offer a range of OH&S scheduling tools, but budget is our biggest focus. ⁣

What’s the story behind the founding of Nexvia?⁣⁣

Nexvia is built from within the industry. We’re built by a construction company, for construction purposes, so we’re a very practical application - we don’t look to ‘wow’ people with technology, we’re all about the actual practicality of its use so customers can track their projects’ performance. ⁣

You could say Nexvia was built out of need from a construction background and then taken to the market for the construction industry.⁣

What are the components of the platform?⁣

We have a full life-cycle platform. So, we have a CRM and Sales facility so when your client is contacted, you have all their notes and details in one spot. You then are able to communicate and work with them until you get to an estimation stage. This involves the ability to create a scope of work which you can take to your subcontractors, then you can start building your pricing accurately and send it out directly from the platform, reducing double-handling or human error. Once the estimation is approved, it then becomes a budget for the project, which allows you to track all purchase orders, invoices, and bills against that budget in real-time. So, all your expenses, your variations, your defects, your labour hours against hours budgeted, are all tracked in real-time so you have visibility immediately to make sure that project performance is operating at all times.⁣

From there, we have the other project tools such as OH&S scheduling, asset management, asset registers, all available in one spot. This also gives you the ability, should you ever be under dispute or in an audit, to have all the information for that project in a very accessible spot in case of an RFI (Request For Information).⁣

What difference does Nexvia make in businesses?⁣

Immediately, you’ll see about a 1% improvement based on your annual turnover just through sheer efficiency- the reduction of double-handling and human error. So, the simplicity of providing everyone, from your site people to your administration team, with a singular reference point makes a huge difference. ⁣

The visibility really is the key driver- the ability to see all the projects in one place and every element of it, whether it’s financial or OH&S. ⁣

We also have reports of up to 3% improvement directly to your bottom-line just from having clear reports on variations and defects. Having all the documents shared in a far easier way to get them to the right people in a timely manner, really boosts efficiency. And, of course, when you’re running your business more efficiently like that, your people are more informed, and they can work more strategically and take a more customer-centric approach, ensuring the clients’ needs are met through more face-to-face communication.⁣

What is the process of implementing the software?⁣

There is a lot of training involved. So, we don’t train or implement you based on our system, instead we spend a bit of time figuring out exactly how your company does things, and then we train you based on that. We understand there’s going to be some workarounds that are required and a little bit of adjustment to some of your own processes. We need a bit of commitment to being able to implement it properly. Everyone needs to get involved, and we understand we need to engage them all. This actually often brings up an opportunity to internally review many components of the business’ processes. We’re also really good at bridging the gaps for you and suggesting how to implement good habits using Nexvia.⁣
We release new versions of our software with some frequency too, based upon feedback from our clients, so when you partner with us, you’ll automatically get new system upgrades.⁣

How has Nexvia improved Magic Glass specifically?⁣

It’s that really strong connecting bond between administration and on-site workers. With Magic Glass, there’s a lot of moving parts. So, from the admin processes to the actual project development, Nexvia provides all parties with that high-end, technical information, creating efficiencies, reducing error, giving the executive team and the senior leadership visibility to ensure everything’s good and the financial performance is good, but then also having that peace of mind that the information is getting communicated to the guys on-site so that they’re able to do their job confidently. It’s really that creation of a seamless understanding of the client’s needs, and everyone’s working from the same platform, with the same information.⁣
The expectation of a high-end company, like Magic Glass, is that it has the “best-in-breed” of everything. So, clients tend to feel pretty comfortable knowing that their workflow and their process are as good as they can be. ⁣

How do the integrations with your partnerships work?⁣

With our accounting packages integration, it is all direct integration. There is no third-party application that is required- it is absolutely direct. ⁣

Any other comments?⁣

We really pride ourselves on the fact that a lot of our customer-facing people, so mainly our sales team, all come from trade and construction backgrounds. So we’re really not trying to just sell tech, we’re trying to sell practical tools that are really going to improve your business because we understand that from a project management, from an on-site, from an administration point of view exactly what is required. Reputation is a big thing for use, so it’s such a big factor that we’re authentic in how we deal with our customers. ⁣

Nexvia has significantly helped us to establish a more coherent and efficient project management process at Magic Glass, benefiting our staff, contractors, and clients alike. Magic Glass focuses on measurable results, agile processes, genuine service, innovative implementations, and care towards our clients and staff, and we believe that Nexvia has helped us to enforce these core values even more. ⁣

We have undoubtedly benefited from implementing Nexvia, and we look forward to carrying this partnership into the future.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣