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Glass Awnings | Residential & Commercial | Magic Glass

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Glass awnings have been around for a number of years now and they have been made popular during recent times due to the ever rising costs of energy. People are always looking for means and ways to save on the amount of money they spend on energy, however small it might be, and the use of glass awnings have not just helped to reduce the cost of energy but also adds to the aesthetics of homes and businesses. Though a number of people still remain skeptical about the magnificent benefits of installing roof top glass awnings, there are many benefits that glass awnings bring and below is a brief description of some of them.⁣

Energy saving⁣
Recent studies have shown that those who have taken the time to install glass awnings save up to 50% off their energy spending. This is because the glass awnings are eco friendly and they will work with the air conditioners to improve the cooling effects in the home and as a result lower the energy bills. Rooftop glasses also have the benefits of offering protection to the furniture inside the house and the floors against the excessive heat from the sun.⁣

Increases outdoors space⁣
When architectural glass awnings are installed in the patio of homes or on the outdoor space of your business premises, they have the effect of adding additional space where you can do outdoor activities or increasing space to display your merchandise. Other than this, glass walls and rooftop glass have the effect of making the area more visually appealing and increase its aesthetic value. As a result, businesses that have installed the glass walls will provide a beautiful display of their products and this can result in an increase in the amount of sales.⁣

Glass awnings of different kinds, whether architectural glass or roof top glass will definitely add décor to your business and homes. The different custom designs that exist will add style and new dimensions to your business premises making it more attractive to your customers and visitors. Glass awnings will also enhance hygiene of your premises because they are neat and easy to clean. There are different types of glass awnings suitable for installation in different places. They include retractable patio awnings, window awnings as well as porch awnings.⁣

If you're looking for quality residential and commercial glass awnings, Magic Glass has a team of glass specialists ready to install and custom cut glass for all your specific needs. Magic Glass provides 24hr support for emergency repair and replacement across the Sydney region. Don't hesitate to call Magic Glass for advice, free quotes and outstanding service. Call 18 000 GLASS or visit for more information.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣