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Rope Access VS. Scaffolding

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When it comes to accessing difficult-to-reach areas for building maintenance and repairs, there are a number of methods in which such services can be carried out. Amongst the most common are rope access and scaffolding.
Magic Glass Rope Access

Scaffolding involves constructing temporary platforms around the exterior of a building to access areas at heights. Rope Access, on the other hand, involves the use of abseiling to access these areas from the top of the building.

Although both methods can be used for similar jobs, rope access is becoming increasingly more popular for a number of reasons.


The costs associated with rope access are far less than those associated with scaffolding. When using scaffolds there are many expenses such as construction, deconstruction and the transportation of large amounts of equipment.

These costs, however, are not incurred when employing rope access services. As there is far less equipment and no construction required, expenses associated with rope access are much lower.


Rope access can also be a huge time-saver. As the process does not require any construction, it is quick and easy to implement in comparison to scaffolding. This makes rope access the go-to for smaller jobs such as window cleaning and external facade maintenance.


Contrary to popular belief, rope access is the safer option for working at heights. This is because Abseilers are always attached to at least two ropes - one as the mainline and one as the fail-safe measure. Furthermore, tools and equipment are often attached to ropes as well. This significantly reduces the risk of workers dropping tools and inflicting injuries on passer-byers.

Rope Access Technicians must also undergo more thorough training than scaffold workers. Hence, they have a greater understanding of proper safety routines and measures.


Rope access also provides more flexibility when it comes to accessing hard-to-reach areas. Abseilers have the freedom to traverse facades without the bulky platforms and equipment. This allows them to not only access high-rise locations, but also get into smaller places such as building ledges. Scaffolders, on the other hand, can only get to the areas accessible via scaffolds, thus they have a limited ability to access all parts of a building’s exterior.


Finally, rope access is far more pleasing to the eye than scaffolding. With significantly less construction equipment required, rope access not only maintains the aesthetics of the building from an outsider’s perspective, but also prevents the obstruction of views for residents within the building.

All-in-all, rope access is the obvious winner when it comes to saving money and time, maximising safety and flexibility, and reducing disruption to the building.

Magic Glass’s Rope Access Division is highly experienced in completing high-rise jobs. From window cleaning to safety installations, they can handle any difficult-to-reach job with ease in unbeatable turn-around time.

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